Why Is My Air Conditioner Leaking?

When it comes to air conditioning units, leaks can be somewhat common. Today we’re discussing the various causes of air conditioner leaks and why they occur. Have any questions about air conditioners, leaking or our services? Feel free to reach out, Baileys Air is always happy to help.

Dirty Air Filter

Did you know that you should be changing your air filter periodically to preserve the health of your air conditioning system? Dirty air filters are actually one of the most common causes of air conditioner leaks. Having a dirty air filter can actually block the airflow over the evaporator coil in your system, leading to the coil becoming too cold and freezing. As the ice melts, excess water may drip out of the pan, leading to a leak.

We recommend changing your filter every 1-3 months and periodically checking to see if it is dirty. If you notice it is dirty early, go ahead and change your filter.

Low Refrigerant

Along with dirty air filters, low refrigerant is another common cause of air conditioning system leaks. When refrigerant is low, it lowers the pressure in your air conditioning system, leading to the evaporator coil freezing over. As the coil melts, the drain pan becomes full and can overflow.

Wondering how you can notice low refrigerant? We recommend looking out for a unit that isn’t cooling well or one that is making bubbling or hissing noises (this can be a sign of a refrigerant leak).

Refrigerant leaks can often be repaired, however, in some cases the air conditioning unit may need to be replaced.

Clogged Drain Line

When it comes to AC unit leaks, clogged condensation drain lines are the most common cause. These drain lines can become clogged, causing water to back up into the home.

This can be remedied by unclogging the line which can be done multiple ways. We recommend contacting a professional with the proper tools, knowledge and experience.

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