Water Running Sounds Coming From AC Unit?

If you’ve ever been without air conditioning in the Florida Panhandle, you probably understand how absolutely unbearable it can be to be without cold air on hot summer days. When most people think they have an air conditioner problem they begin to panic. We often have customers reach out who think their unit sounds like it is dripping or running water. Wondering if this is a serious problem? Not sure if you need professional air conditioning repair in the Florida Panhandle? Today we’re discussing water running sounds coming from an AC unit and what exactly you can do.

Is There Water in My Air Conditioning Unit?

Did you know that your air conditioning unit takes warm air from your home and blows it over an “evaporator coil” containing refrigerant? As the refrigerant circles, it absorbs the heat and condensation is formed, somewhat like water droplets forming on a cold glass during a hot summer day. As the moisture collects on the evaporator coil it runs down into a drain pain, then finally flows through the condensation line which drains to the outside of your home.

If you air conditioning unit is working properly, moisture should be drained outside the home not anywhere inside and you should not be hearing any dripping or water running sounds.

When You Have a Problem

Hearing splashing or dripping noises coming from your air conditioning unit? This could be a sign that your unit isn’t functioning properly. Some of the common reasons your unit may be making splashing or dripping noises include:

  • Clogged condensate drain line
  • Low/no refrigerant
  • Dirty air filter
  • Broken condensate pump
  • Improper unit installation
  • Wrong size unit
  • Cracked drain pain

Experiencing any of the above problems? Not to worry! Baileys Air would be happy to help with any of your Florida Panhandle air conditioning needs.

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