Tips For Keeping Your House Cool

Chances are if you live in the Florida Panhandle, keeping your home cool most of the year is highly important. While we may experience a few days of “winter”, our temperatures and humidity tend to stay quite high. At Baileys Air, we frequently get asked for tips on keeping a home cool year-round and today we’re covering that topic. Interested in keeping your home more comfortable all year round? Here are some fantastic tips on keeping your house cool and energy bill down. If you have additional questions or are interested in our Florida Panhandle HVAC services, feel free to give us a call. We’re always happy to help those in our community that need it.

Keep Curtains/Blinds Closed

Did you know direct sunlight and UV rays can increase solar gain in your home? This can actually damage your furniture over time along with heating up your entire house. Investing in blackout curtains and using your blinds daily can help reduce the heat added to your home by sunlight and UV rays.

Continuously Run Air Handler Fan

Running your air handler fan continuously can also help to cool your entire home by circulating the air around your house. Along with keeping the temperatures cooler throughout your home, this can also provide cleaner air as it is constantly passing through the filters.

Maintain Cooler Temperature

Did you know that it is harder on your system and more expensive to cool your home over and over? Maintaining a cooler temperature in your home constantly can help reduce energy consumption and make your system last longer.

Change/Clean Filters Regularly

Did you know clogged/dirty filters can be taxing on your system? We recommend changing or cleaning your filter monthly to ensure your system can work as best as possible cooling your home.

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