Should I Be Using A Smart Thermostat?

Are you interested in saving money on your utility bills? Want a thermostat that knows when your system should be running? Forgot to change your thermostat before vacation? Wish you could access it from your phone? These are just a few benefits of using a smart thermostat. Today, Baileys Air of Milton, Florida will be discussing whether you should be using a smart thermostat in your home or office space. Got questions? Interested in our Milton HVAC services? Contact us today to schedule an appointment, we’re always happy to help.

smart thermostat

Save Money

When it comes to thermostats, smart thermostats are extremely accurate and informative. The manual and energy saving tips can help you to create a schedule and correct temperature zones, allowing you to save money on your monthly energy bills. Many smart thermostat manufacturers claim that users will save anywhere from 10-23% on your heating and cooling expenses each month.

Smart Device

Smart thermostats actually have learning functions and sensors built right in, allowing them to learn when people are active in the space and the area needs to be heated or cooled. Based upon this information, your smart thermostat can actually adjust its own schedule. This can save you time programming it and shifting schedules as things change.

Smartphone Control

Wish you could control your thermostat from anywhere? With a smart thermostat you can. They come with apps for mobile devices that allow you to check your thermostat and change the temperature when necessary. No more wondering if you turned down the AC when you left for work or vacation.

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