Keeping Your Outside AC Unit Clean

When it comes to living in the Florida Panhandle, a functional HVAC system is a must. Part of keeping your AC system functional is keeping it clean. This includes both the indoor and outdoor parts of the system. Today, we’re discussing why you should be keeping your outside AC unit clean and the impact it can have on your system and the comfortability of your home. Have any questions about HVAC systems? Interested in scheduling an appointment with our Milton AC company? Contact Baileys Air today to get started, we’re always happy to help.

Why Should I Clean My Outdoor AC Unit?

When it comes to AC systems, most people are aware that caring for and cleaning the indoor system is a must, with regular filter changes. Unfortunately, we often see people neglecting the outdoor AC unit at their home and/or business which can also lead to many problems.

The outside unit (condenser) is typically located in a place outside that wouldn’t get much attention, as it isn’t the most attractive lawn accessory. Many people think these outdoor units are impervious to the natural elements. This, however, is far from the case.

In many cases, we find outdoor units covered in dirt and debris, with bushes and other things growing around them. This debris can actually impact the performance of your AC system along with causing a variety of problems.

What Should I Do?

We recommend periodically removing any dirt and debris from the unit along with cutting back any plants that can come in contact with the system. We’ve seen units completely covered in vines and even surrounded by bushes which is not good at all.

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