Hurricane Air Conditioner Checklist

Each year when summer rolls around, the Florida Panhandle starts bracing for the 3 H’s: heat, humidity and hurricanes.This year we’ve already had quite a bit of tropical storm/hurricane activity and therefore are doing a Hurricane Air Conditioner Checklist. This can help keep your air conditioning unit safe during and after a big storm. Got questions? Need to schedule an inspection? Simply reach out to Baileys Air today.

Before the Storm Air Conditioner Checklist

Prior to a hurricane or big storm hitting, it is important to prepare your air conditioning unit, we recommend:

  • Make sure that your air conditioning unit is installed on a concrete pad.
  • Make sure that your air conditioning unit is secured with hurricane straps, they are required by building codes and help to prevent the air conditioner from becoming airborne in strong winds.
  • Make sure that you install a surge protector for your air conditioner, this can prevent wiring and components from being destroyed during surges.
  • Turn your air conditioning system OFF prior to the storm arriving.
  • Cover your air conditioning unit with a tarp to protect it from debris and objects.

After the Storm Air Conditioner Checklist

Following a big storm or hurricane, there are certain things you should do, which include:

  • Do NOT turn your unit back ON until you have gone through this checklist. Turning your air conditioner on when it has been damaged could result in further problems.
  • Make sure that your air conditioning unit was not submerged in water during the storm at all. If you notice any signs of flooding or water accumulation, we recommend an inspection immediately to ensure everything is still working properly.
  • Remove the tarp used to protect your unit during the storm.
  • Check your air conditioning unit for any signs of damage during the storm.
  • Remove debris that may be around the unit.
  • Check for damage to refrigerant and electrical lines (if you can).

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