How To Extend The Life Of Your HVAC System

When it comes to HVAC systems they can be quite the investment. For most people, protecting this investment is very important. Today, Baileys Air of Milton, Florida is discussing various tips for extending the life of your HVAC system. Have questions? Need to schedule routine maintenance? Experiencing problems? We would be happy to help with any of your heating and cooling needs, simply reach out today to schedule an appointment.

Schedule Maintenance

While HVAC systems aren’t super high maintenance, it is important to keep them maintained throughout the year. We recommend scheduling tune-ups twice a year so that we can inspect, clean and tune-up any part of your system that may need it. Minor HVAC problems can lead to performance issues, increased utilities and ultimately further complications.

Change Your Filter Regularly

We know you’ve heard it a thousand times, and we include this tip in most of our blogs, but it is highly important to change the filter your HVAC system regularly. We’ll check your filter each time we visit for maintenance but in between, you should certainly be doing it. Most filters are good for 1-3 months unless specified otherwise. If you notice your filter is extra dirty before it is typically time to change it out, we recommend doing so right away. Dirty air filters can result in the system working harder with less than satisfactory results and ultimately lead to wear-and-tear on your system that is unnecessary.

Set Fan To “Auto”

Unless you need your fan to constantly run due to respiratory issues or allergies, it is best to set it to “auto”. This instructs the system to only run the fan when it is actively heating or cooling your space. When set to on and constantly running, it can put significant strain on your system and lessen the life expectancy of your system overall. Running the fan constantly also results in filters that need to be changed more often, which many people neglect in the first place.

Upgrade Insulation

When living in the Florida Panhandle, having proper insulation in your home can be a major benefit to your HVAC system. When a space is not properly insulated, it results in the system running more often. The more often your system runs, the shorter its lifespan will be.

Use A Smart Thermostat

With advances in technology, we now have smart thermostats which can actually learn your HVAC habits and be easily programmed to control your system from anymore. Smart thermostats can make adjustments to your system, saving energy and extending the overall life.

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