How Do Air Conditioners Work?

For over a century, air conditioning has been a widely used commodity in places such as homes, businesses, and factories. Many people across the world use air conditioners, but how do they work? Although air conditioners come from a wide range of brands and exist in many different shapes and sizes, they all work under the same basic premise.

What Is Central Air?

Most American households use central or “split-system” air conditioning,m which normally include the following parts:

  • Outdoor AC unit that has a fan and compressor
  • Thermostat to control temperature
  • Indoor AC unit that has a fan and evaporator coil to circulate air
  • Copper tubing that allows airflow
  • Expansion valve that controls airflow
  • Ductwork that helps circulate air

The system inside of the home moves air through a coil which cools the air and then sends it back into the rest of the home, while the outside unit which blows out warm air away from the house. This process is activated when the thermostat detects that the temperature is not the correct temperature. The air is also cooled by a refrigerant gas which when converted to gas is pulled into the outdoor unit and then compressed into a liquid through a condenser coil. The refrigerant is then used again when put through an expansion device.

Types of Air Conditioners

  • Split-system conditioners are generally used for homes and can cover a large amount of indoor area. They also offer a variety of options for use, including energy saving options and options that reduce sound.
  • Packaged systems work well in places where there isn’t room for a split-system AC setup, and also can be installed into roofs.
  • Ductless systems do not require ductwork, and are used for specific indoor areas such as single rooms.

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