Why Is My Air Conditioner Making Noises?

With today’s air conditioners being quieter than ever, it can be quite startling when your unit starts making strange noises. At Baileys Air, we frequently see air conditioners that are making odd noises, today we’re discussing those common noises, what they can mean and what exactly you should do in the event your air conditioner unit starts making these noises. If you have any questions about air conditioner noises or our services, feel free to reach out. We’re always happy to assist those that need it.

Banging Air Conditioner Noises

Have you started hearing a banging noise coming from your air conditioner unit? This often means that there are parts loose or broken inside your system. We recommend shutting your system off and contacting a professional for their opinion. Neglecting to address banging noises could result in more problems.

Clicking Air Conditioner Noises

While clicking noises can be perfectly normal when starting or shutting off your system, there are times when a clicking noise could point to a problem. Constant or ongoing clicking can be a sign that your air conditioner unit needs to be maintained or repaired. We recommend reaching out to a local HVAC company for their opinion.

Buzzing Air Conditioner Noises

When it comes to buzzing noises, there can be a number of things going on. There can be loose parts, debris in the unit, a dirty condenser coil or even an air filter that needs to be changed. If you cannot figure out where the noise is coming from, we recommend an HVAC inspection to determine the exact cause.

Noticing other noises coming from your unit such as squealing, screaming or even rattling? These noises can also be a sign of problems. We always recommend reaching out to a Milton air conditioner repair company that can diagnose and address your exact problem.

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