Adding Home Equity Through HVAC Upgrades

Did you know that in the last few years, return on investment for home renovations has actually gotten worse? While new countertops and cabinets may be nice, a functional HVAC system is completely critical. Although many potential home-buyers won’t notice your brand new HVAC system, they will definitely notice an old/broken one, potentially costing you the sale. Prospective buyers typically won’t walk away from a home that doesn’t have the latest upgrades, however, in the Florida Panhandle, basic HVAC abilities are a must.

Planning on selling your home? Planning renovation projects to improve your return on investment? It is important to avoid costly renovation mistakes when it comes to your home, certain upgrades such as HVAC are always a safe and smart bet while others may result in you losing out on better profits. Many homeowners and house flippers neglect to address the HVAC system when doing renovations. Interested in a quote to upgrade the HVAC system of your home or project in the Florida Panhandle? Reach out to Baileys Air today, we would be more than happy to assist with any of your HVAC needs.

Why HVAC Upgrades?

As mentioned above, return-on-investment for many home renovations such as floors, paint or other luxury upgrades have seen a decline. However, the National Association of Realtors has reported that HVAC models have a higher average return on investment than most other renovation projects, often yielding a return of up to 71%.

If you are interested in improving your return on investment, feel free to give Baileys Air a call. We provide a wide range of HVAC services and may be able to repair or replace your current HVAC system, would also be happy to provide a quote.

Schedule Florida Panhandle HVAC Services Today

Planning on selling your home? Flipping a property? Want to ensure you get the best return on investment possible? Contact us today to schedule HVAC services in the Florida Panhandle. We would be more than happy to assist with any of your heating or cooling needs.

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