Experiencing problems with your heating or cooling? Interested in a ductless AC system? Considering geothermal for your home? Are you looking for a 5 star air conditioning company near you? Regardless of your needs, Baileys Air would be happy to assist you. We offer a range of HVAC services in the Florida Panhandle and have a 5 star rating on both Google and Facebook. Interested in scheduling your appointment with Baileys Air? Feel free to reach out today, let us know what is going on and we can provide you with a quote and an appointment.

Our 5 Star HVAC Services


Experiencing cold spots in your home? HVAC system not properly heating your home? Not to worry! At Baileys Air we are proud to provide heating repair services, installation and more. We would be more than happy to assist with any of your heating needs.


Has your air conditioning unit stopped producing cold air? Noticing noises coming from your unit? Think you need a 5 star AC company nearby? Along with heating, we proudly offer a wide range of cooling services as well and can install, replacement or even provide maintenance for your AC unit.

Ductless AC

Interested in improving the HVAC in your home but don’t want to tear open the walls and destroy your home? With ductless AC you can! We can install indoor air handlers in each room of your home with a single unit outside.

Indoor Air Quality

Do you have pets? Allergies? Want to make sure your family is breathing the best air possible? We offer various indoor air quality services/products and would be happy to assist with any of your indoor air quality needs.


Wondering if geothermal heating and cooling would be the right option for your home or business? At Baileys Air we are happy to provide various geothermal services and can provide an inspection of your space to determine if it is the best option for you.

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Interested in scheduling an appointment with a 5 star HVAC company in the Florida Panhandle? Contact Baileys Air today to get started, we would be happy to help with any of your heating and cooling needs.